Taking Flight (Album Version Ft. NRGPony)

by PrinceWhateverer



Album re-record of the original Taking Flight


You see us soar through the sky
Flight goggles shining bright
With wings of steel faster than anypony who can fly

We are the speedy cure
We're what you're looking for
The antidote sent to impress crowds who always want more

Some say that we're all fake
Boy that's a big mistake
I'll challenge anypony, life or death, your choice to make

'Cause we will not back down
I'll turn this right around
These rumors stain our legacy of which I am so proud

No, we refuse to let you win
You're a liar, and always have been!

There are dark stories of our past that I bet you don't know
The truth about where we came from kept secret even though
We are so famous, these secrets shame us
Lab rats from day one until somepony dare save us

So desperate were we to be known by all Equestria
We sold our souls and so ourselves unto Celestia
And now we don't even know where we stand within this place
Just doing as we're told and hoping one day we'll escape

With all these years I've wasted
If only I was brave enough to face it
This was too good to be true from the very start
I should never have believed this was from the heart

We were but young ponies, so absorbed in our dreams
It took too long to realize that we had been tricked with ease
Such promises of fame and fortune proved too much to take
If asked the same question right now, I'd make the same mistake

For even though I do regret the things that I have done
I'd rather take on all the blame myself for everyone
It's better to live with it all and save the ones I need
Than just give in and let it bring all of us to our knees

Leave us alone


released September 12, 2015
Scream vocals by NRGPony



all rights reserved


PrinceWhateverer Bexhill, UK

I make music about horses

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