by PrinceWhateverer



A song about the conflict between Twilight and Starlight in the season 5 finale of MLP:FIM


So I see you're back again
Please Tell me is this what you wanted?
I can see you're just like them
You've left this world empty and haunted

I'd recommend against testing me
I am the chosen you will not succeed

I see the vengeance in your eyes
We'll wage this war through space and time
By starlight, fight Starlight

Through dark until I see the light
I've just one chance to make this right
By starlight, fight Starlight

Starlight I have been where you are
But you have walked this path too far
This fight could last forever
Can I survive the pressure

You've gone and torn the whole world down
but I will not be pushed around
My world is still worth saving
But I feel my powers failing

How can I fight this dark and win
When she has been where I have been
For if what she says is true
Without my friends what can I do

It's not over I will fight for this
I'll write just one more letter
If I can't make things better

It's not over I will not fall here
You won't rewrite the future
I won't be made the loser

For all Equestria to see
You will not get the best of me

The stars still shine within my name
Their light will keep the dark at bay


released June 22, 2017
Harmony vocals - Sable Symphony
Femaly vocals - MantaTsubasa
Artwork - Prince Lionel


all rights reserved



PrinceWhateverer Bexhill, UK

I make music about horses

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