by PrinceWhateverer



A song about Twilight's fight with Tirek while dealing with her own inner doubts. :o


I see you running through the crowds
Of ponies past the edge of town
Don't cry, you're not alone
Won't leave you on your own

It's never had to come this far
Till now, we'll show them what you are
This magic's burning bright
I swear we'll win this fight


How can I win this fight?


Twilight! (twilight)
Don't let 'em get the best of you
You know you have to hold on to
What's right, so believe when I say

Twilight! (Twilight)
Your magic's stronger than before
Just step on through the open door
And I promise you'll be okay


I've come too far, can't back down now
If I fall here, he takes the crown
There's no way, I can't deny
Stood here I'm terrified

"Tirek, your time is up, you lose
Leave now, or face defeat, you choose"
My options wearing thin
No doubt, I have to win


So dark down here from what you've done
I'll fly so high, I touch the sun
Won't let it all end here!
Won't falter to my fear

Look to the sky, Celestia!
Pray to the moon, princess Luna!
'Cause if I can't win this fight
I'll sleep with the stars tonight


Hark my hallowed favours now
To my will you shall bow
The stars are part of my name
And I will not bring me shame

Singing out to the moon
And with her I attune
Crying out with the sun
And with her I am done

You will see who I am
A true princess deep within
My magic knows me better
This is my final letter


My friends are with me
They're always with me


released October 31, 2014
Lyrics by myself and Dreamchan.


all rights reserved



PrinceWhateverer Bexhill, UK

I make music about horses

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