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by PrinceWhateverer

If you think you're on your own, just know you're not alone. If you're in trouble anywhere, just know we'll be right there. And if you still don't know, if you just can't decide, your friends are here, so know we're always on your side. Oh Rainbow don't you see? your friends are all you need. So don't just go alone, right here is where its home! Even though you're alone, don't think that we "don't care", we'll be right there. Let us know, if you need a hoof and help you through your worst nightmares. Now Rainbow, listen here. Tell me what's on your mind. If its failure that you fear, don't leave your friends behind. Die for you now, if they had to, and trust you with their lives. This is what your best friends would do, so go take to the sky! So Rainbow, now you see, that friends are all you need. You'll never go alone, Your friends are where its home! Not alone, there we go, you've seen that we all care, always right there. So you know, if you need a hoof now, we'll save you from nightmares. Pinkie Pie, Applejack Fluttershy, Rarity Twilight Sparkle and Spike and Rainbow Dash, complete.
Looks like my secret's been revealed, I'm not a pony after all. But will they seek to disassemble me? Back me up against the wall I see how they look at me, following my every move. Suspecting one day i will attempt to crush them all beneath my hooves. Is this what i really am? (It can't be real I think, I feel) I can't begin to understand (Is something wrong inside? Mechanized components fill my soul) Systems crashing down! (The time has come to take control) Systems crashing down! (I will assimilate you all) Bionic lenses in my eyes, The metallic circuits in my mind! The gears that twist and turn inside. My memories corrupted over time. -- Overload in progress Self-Awareness protocols disengaged All systems reaching critical levels Meltdown in 3. 2. -- Why can't i forget my life before? (It can't be real I think I feel) Am i machine and nothing more? (Is something wrong inside?) (Set phasers to hug, lol)
Hey Fluttershy, listen to me when i say; "You do not need any of this" There's no way that changing who you are could prove to us that you're assertive. They can't tell you how to act when they don't know what you've been through. The only one who can decide to try and change this is you! (You've gotta keep it together!) Little filly tell me now, why this angel never leaves the ground. She's not the type to follow through, this stories pages start and end with you. She's left out in the rain. She's too shy to complain. Just suck it up, and let it go. How she feels inside we'll never know. One, two, three, four. Her eyes glued to the floor Five, six, seven, eight. Left feeling second-rate While her dreams pass her by, she'll wish she weren't so, shy. -- Why can't i just make myself be less scared to try, the things i wish i could do, like soar into the sky. The more i try to hide my doubts, the more that i find. Perhaps i should give up and just pretend i don't mind. -- Fluttershy, don't let this end. No one's a perfect friend. This burden's not just yours to bear, You've gotta know your friends are always there. So come out of the rain, we didn't mean to cause this pain. Just grab your dreams, and don't let go. They're yours to keep, so hold them close.
Look here, are three little ponies. Ready to sing, for this crowd. Listen up, 'cause here's our story. I'm gonna sing it very loud. When you're a younger pony, and your flank is very bare. Feels like the sun will never come, when your cutie mark's not there. So the three of us will fight the fight! There is nothing that we fear! We'll have to figure out what we'll do next, 'till our cutie marks are here. We are the cutie mark crusaders. On a quest to find out who we are, and we will never stop the journey. Not until we have our cutie marks. They all say that you'll get your mark, when the time is really right, and you know just what you're supposed to do. And your talent comes to light. But it's not as easy as it sounds. And that waiting's hard to do. So we test our talents everywhere, until our face is blue! (Solo!)
You've finally come here at last. Oh how I've waited for this day to come. You think your crown is so special? I'll prove you wrong. You're not worth my attention. I'll take it with my own two hands. I'm sick of wasting my time, I'll be using this in my next insurrection. I don't believe that everything you've known about me is gone forever, And I won't forget the lessons I learnt. Forever, it haunts me. It won't be long before I cant keep track of all the times you've dared to turn your back. So just keep fucking walking. You think your friends will stick by you? You think that I would falter and give in? You can spare me the lies. No one believed in me. Time for a new affliction. I take the time to plan your demise. So raise your glass to the princess we'll cast into the night. Cheers to your kingdom, may it bury you alive. Move!
Promises 04:54
I swear it now, swear to the open sky. Someday I'll show you all, this filly will learn to fly. I swear it now, I swear it to myself. I'll make something of me yet, and i don't want your help! You look at me like you think I'll never earn my mark. Well I'll prove you wrong, just you watch, I'll leave you all in the dark. So many years I've waited under the likes of you, who would make fun, point and laugh, and call me "Blank-Flank" too. Well listen now. My name is Scootaloo. I'll soar into that sky, on these wings small and pure. Oh how i dream to fly, my heart is aching for a chance to show them all just how much i could be. They call me chicken, but soon i'll make you all see. My friends are right there for me, just like we'd always planned. But they're not pegasi like me, so they can't understand the pain of being stuck here, under the sky so blue. These feathered wings aren't meant for this. Will i ever make it through? Now is my only chance. I'll show them i can fly, I'll prove you wrong or die! Now is my only chance. No matter what the risks are, can't turn back I've come this far.
Moving On 02:57
The day I first arrived, I felt so lost, out on the outside. But I found some friend who made me feel like I wasn't alone. Oh, how the times have changed, we had our fights, we played our games, and even though we're moving on i still feel like our friendship has grown. On and on we'll carry on, it's over but it's not the end. Never easy to change, even if we like to pretend. I am not what you expected, but take a chance, you'll see we're still connected They say I was born for this, plain old Twilight, now a princess. So much more responsibility than I ever had before. But all the friends I made, they won't let our bond fade. Supporting me. Imploring me. To spread my wings and help me to soar. -- Is it my place to fight my fate? Or accept this is who I am? This unexpected change of pace. I need more time to understand. They say they're happy for me to be the best that I can be. -- Even though you're miles away, we all know you're here to stay. Don't be scared, no reason to hide. One day you'll find it's all inside.


released November 23, 2013

Thank you to EVERYONE who has ever listened to any of my songs! Be they pony or not!!

Also thanks to everyone to who helped out with this album!! that's Dreamchan, Scrambles, Ickky, Josh "Shaggy" Browne & Smor3s.

Guest Vocals by: Dreamchan, Scrambles, Ickky & Josh "Shaggy" Browne.

Remastering Production (Not Letting Go): Smor3s.

Lyric concepts and additional ideas: Scrambles.

"Welcome to the Family" written and composed by A Day To Remember.


all rights reserved



PrinceWhateverer Bexhill, UK

I make music about horses

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